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Notoriously difficult to photograph this sleek modern wall piece is quite stunning in the flesh and continues to wow clients. This month I’ve had four orders of large pieces and all have been very different. From bright sunny images to black background portraits and close up detailed art shots showing a horse’s eye. The Acrylic Gallery holds it’s own, no fancy frame, just a neat sharp shadow line around the image. Stunning crystal clear acrylic and high definition printing with the option of using Fuji’s amazing metallic finished paper combine perfectly together.

Not wishing to muddy the waters with this beautifully simple piece I’ve now been able to add more options.

The first being a matt finish. For those who want the crisp clean lines but need to hang their art in a sunny or bright room with lots of reflections the high gloss finish of the Acrylic was not ideal. Now I can offer a finish that retains the sharpness and clarity but eliminates the reflections completely.

Secondly on either of the above finishes we now have the option of a tray frame, this gives the piece a modern gallery style appearance, keeping the modern lines and proportions but encasing the Acrylic in a neat subtle frame.

The Acrylic Gallery is available in four standard sizes from a neat 16″x 12″ right up to an eye catching 30″x 40″ statement piece. You can see more details here However, as you know by now, I’m always happy to adapt to whatever my amazing clients want, I just want your art on your walls!

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