Choose a one-hour session, focussing on your horse or dog, or perhaps treat yourself to a fully-styled, makeover session, also, check out my new lockdown safe “porchtrait” photo shoots. Whatever your preference, there’s a photoshoot to suit you, check out all your options below.

All options are professional photoshoots with all the care and attention you would expect. My photoshoots are fun, I make sure my clients are relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera because I want you to have a great experience and together, that’s the way we get the best photographs.

How about capturing the energy and love of your locked down household? This socially distant shoot is safe for all locked down, isolating and shielding households, I arrive and all you need to do is come to your front door, I can direct you from a safe distance and together we can capture a fantastic portrait (including cats and dogs!) This shoot includes two social media files. Get in touch to find out more
animal only
This is an hour long photoshoot where I focus entirely on your horse or dog. We can include action shots, close up fine art studies and black background portraits for up to two animals.
you and your horse
You and your Horse photoshoot is a two hour session at your yard or special location. There’s no need to rush, two hours gives us lots of time to get the best out of yourself and your horse. I am a non-ridden equine friendly photographer however we can incorporate riding if you’d like to. This session is ideal for up to 2 horses.
all the family
Get everybody involved! This is a fun, two hour session at your home or special location where you can include all of your favourite people & animals. Let me know numbers beforehand, we might need to work out where we can do the main shot. This shoot is perfect for those occasions where you just want to include everybody you can get hold of!
fully styled, makeover photoshoot
We can pull out all the stops for you, I work closely with Jojo Hicks who is an amazing hair and make up artist, every client I have had who has worked with Jo has looked fabulous and felt wonderfully confident in front of the camera. This two-hour session includes a pre-shoot consultation, professional hair and makeup artist at your home or location with the use of all of my wreaths for your horse and flower headbands etc for you
you and your dog
You and your Dog photoshoot is a two hour session at your home or special location. Two hours gives me time to get to know you both and capture those special moments between you. I love going on walks with my clients on these shoots, if you’re new to the area I know some spectacular locations to go. This option is perfect for up to 3 dogs.
remember me
It’s a sad fact that at some point we will have to say goodbye to our beloved animal friends and a Remember Me photoshoot gives us the opportunity, not only to capture beautiful images, but also to spend some quality time with them. This two hour session gives you space to enjoy their company, have some cuddles, give treats and savour the time you spend together, I will be unobtrusive and sensitive to your understandably heightened emotional state, my job here is to gently guide you through the session.

Included with all packages is a choice of either 5 social media images or a 12” x 10” fine art, card mounted print. Following your photoshoot, we get together at your home to go through your images and make your selections. The photoshoot fee also includes the first 50 miles of travel to the shoot location*, see FAQs. If you have any questions, please get in touch, I’m always happy to chat about horses, dogs or photography! Before you book your photo shoot please read my Terms and Conditions.

from £30.00

gift certificates

These gift certificates can be used on all of our Photoshoots and fine art products. Perfect for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries etc.

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*The first 50 miles of travel from KT2 is free of charge and anything over that is charged at 40p/mile.

“Emma came to our yard and instantly made me feel at ease about having my photo taken, there was no rushing and that kept my horse relaxed and happy to pose for her pictures. On seeing the pictures Emma had taken, there is no other word than absolutely amazing she has captured my horse beautifully so so hard to choose which pictures are the best, I believe that’s the toughest part to do !!!”

“Emma captured our partnership and exceeded all my expectations, she’s a very talented, fun and patient lady”

“I can’t thank Emma enough for capturing these moments with my boys”

Caroline and Stanley

I was given a voucher for a photo session with Emma Hughes as a gift. I was a little apprehensive, I don’t thrive being centre of attention and my much loved fat little Connemara has not proved particularly

photogenic in the past! I should not have worried, Emma is such a relaxed and happy individual who put me immediately at ease turning the photo session into such a fun experience. The results were completely beyond

my expectations, she made my horse look amazing and I scrubbed up quite well too! I was looking for a record of the bond between myself and my horse and Emma completely delivered, providing a really wonderful

choice of images.