Autumn mist, a pregnant lady & a unicorn


I’ve had a wonderfully busy Autumn. Have a read of what I’ve been up to below and hopefully be inspired by what you see.

Autumn catch up

A shoot with a beautiful pregnant lady with her husband and a delightful pony, I’ve done a session with Rachel, my sponsored rider and ALL her animals (including partner John). As well as dog photo shoots and a special early morning Autumn mist shoot, lots of editing and viewings with clients it’s been a busy old time. If you’d like to take advantage on this magical time of year contact me to find out availability

Autumn mist

Early starts in Autumn mean you get a good chance of capturing Autumn mist. I love shooting at this time of day – apart from the cold mornings and driving in the dark to get to the shoot! No matter how inconvenient it may be, the results are always worth it and I come away wanting all my shoots to be early morning ones.

This month I photographed Jodi with her two horses Sparky and Caspian. We did a dawn start on Dorney Common where Jodi hacks out. It was a fab shoot and as we were finishing the skies were clearing and the day just starting, but we all thought we’d caught the best of it with the misty morning atmospheric light.

Maternity shoot

As an equine and dog photographer Maternity shoots aren’t things that usually get asked to do. However if a client has an idea about something who am I to disagree? Serap contacted me and we chatted about ideas together. While she doesn’t own a horse herself she had a vision of what she wanted. I was delighted to be able to turn that vision into a reality for her. With the help of Facebook I found her a beautiful pony to work with and a very pretty location.

Big thanks go to Gayle at LGB Equestrian who provided Monkey our horsey model and the location. As well as providing us with lots of hands on help during the shoot. They could not have been more accommodating.


Monkey was my Unicorn for the day and I recently got a unicorn horn from a specialist horn maker. Yes I know how crazy that sounds, but they really do exist. If you’re thinking of adding a little fantasy to your photo shoot we can turn your horse into a proper unicorn. I painted the horn in autunm colours for this shoot as that suited Monkey’s colouring and the scene we were setting, however I can paint it any colour you like. Just let me know before your shoot.

Early mornings

Dawn shoots mean very early dark cold starts, wet ground, not great when lying in the middle of a field. Its very hard to predict the weather at dawn as it’s such a short period of time. Why on earth do I love them so much? Because they look amazing! Autumn mist, Winter frost, Spring haze and low Summer light (plus no flies in the Summer, amazing!)

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