Royal Perks


I feel so lucky to live close to Richmond Park and I have a few clients who love hacking there. One client works at one of the stables and we spent a wonderful morning a few weeks ago with her favourite ride.

Sandra and Merlin have such a lovely bond and Merlin was the most professional horse model, ears forward standing proud, what a lovely boy. We managed to get a great mixture of riding, standing and in hand shots. I always like to vary the shots I get and we were able to do this despite the weather being less than kind. It was a very dull day with drizzly rain we had to dodge.

Stag Lodge

A great part of what I do is finding the pretty spots to shoot, in Richmond Park that couldn’t be easier. Stag Lodge is situated next to Robin Hood Gate and even by Richmond Park’s high standard of “pretty” it’s right up there with the best.

At the end of a session I will usually ask the client to remove all tack and we try to get some close up shots and portraits of just the horse, Merlin impressed us all by being the perfect gentlemen even without tack, he was loving the camera!

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