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These days so many of us live our lives online, everything lives inside our computers and our phones. The option to include your photoshoot in that online life is also there with Digital and USB. I can provide you with a USB flash drive containing your images to a size you can print to 20”x 16”, it comes in it’s own personalised protective box. Included in your photographic shoot fee you get 5 social media files, these images are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and they are tastefully watermarked with my logo in a corner. I love seeing my clients sharing their social media photos online, there’s always a wonderfully positive reaction to them from friends and family and it’s always possible to purchase more than the included 5 if you’d like to.

Digital & USBs guide

With all my digital products the advice I give is to have them backed up onto your computer and preferably in the cloud as well. I deal with precious digital files everyday and I am always very careful as to how I keep and store them, technology changes and adapts all the time (when was the last time you used a CD Rom? My computer doesn’t even have a slot for one anymore!). If you need any technical advice on these products please get in touch I am happy to help and talk over what is best for you.

usb box

digitals files, large enough to print right up to 20″ x 16″ downloaded onto a flash drive and presented in a keep safe box
prices from £460

mac keyboard

Digital Downloads
Digital files, large enough to print up to 20″x 16″ available to download directly from me to your computer, phone or tablet
prices from £420

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